True Blood Costume Department
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Miss USA Nana Meriwether ~ I Love my Shibue’s! Kati Stern by Venexiani NYFW SS 2013 ~
We love using Shibue’s for a flawless look on the runway!
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Kelly Nishimoto star of “Something Borrowed Something New”… Says, “I love my Shibue’s!”
and Jenny Buettner on the red carpet for Victor Ortiz VO cologne launch.
Kate Upton wears Shibue’s for her runway and photo shoots!
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Actor Deborah S. Craig and Actor BD. Wong appear backstage with Shibue Couture! Broadway / TV actress Jacqueline Murphy backstage at NYC fashion week.
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 Christie Brinkley at the Pink Event
~ Could used Shibue’s back in the day!
 Edy Ganem from devious maids,
“We have Shibue’s on the set for our show!”
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Kathy Hilton at the Designer and The Muse Event ~ “I love Shibue’s, Does Paris know about these? She needs a case of them for her silky short dresses!”
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Max Azria & Shibue Couture Fashion Week NYC
NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Sept 2013
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Miss USA ~ Angel Singleton-West posted:
@therealmissus: s/o to @Shibue_Couture !!!
Their strapless undies will save your life!!!
Nishimoto from tlc’s #1 show – “something borrowed ~ something new”
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Leslie Hughes – oops I shoulda shibued! Courtney Bingham – Fan Tweet
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Paulino Rubio wore Shibue’s that were turned into fluffy (?) for her musice video to match her hair! Very creative Stylists! La Femme Perfume decorated Shibue Strapless Panties for the advertising!
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Bullets For Peace uses Shibue Strapless Panties for their girls when they Body Paint their models… look NO Panty Lines! Playboy Bunny / Star Personality, Nicole Narain wore her red Shibue Strapless Panties for her cross color look! Amazing!!!
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Chrissy Teigen (with Jenny Buettner / CEO Shibue Couture and Musician / John Legend) wore her Shibue Strapless Panty at Miami Swim Week under the designer swim suits! Designer / Ceo Lisa Blue (with Jenny Buettner / CEO Shibue Couture) Shibue’s for their photo shoots and the runway!
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Fab At Any Age Tv anti-aging expert, and health & beauty specialist Andrea Wernick loves to Shibue! (Photographed with CEO / Designer Jenny Buettner) Stop Staring! CEO / Designer Alicia Estrada loves her models to wear Shibue Strapless Panties down the runway in her fabulous form fitted dreses. Photographed with Jenny Buettner, CEO / Designer of Shibue Couture ~ the world’s first and only Strapless Panty.
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Designers for WildFox Couture use Shibue Strapless Panties for their models on the runway too! My Nicolita models loves their Shibue’s and so does Designer and TV Personality Lisa Pliner.
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Italian actress, singer, dancer and comedian Belen Rodriguez famously wore her Shibue Strapless Panties under her high cut couture gowns on stage at the San Remo Music Festival…. a special thanks goes out to Elisabetta canalis for giving Belen her Shibue’s!
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Taraji P. Henson Elisabetta Canalis
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Lisa Edelstein Kate Upton wearing her red Shibue’s on the runway!
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Shibue Couture CEO / Jenny Buettner and Designer / Lourdes Haniman Shibue’s under Lulifama Swim Wear on the runway in Miami “True Blood” uses Shibue Strapless Panties on the entire cast… including Anna Panquin!
Designer / Alexander Wang uses Shibue Strapless Panties on the runway for fashion week in New York and around the world!