Silicone Nipple Concealers


Shibue Silicone Nipple Concealers are soft and sleek under any outfit and they are washable and reusable too! Our concealers have a soft, silky silicone adhesive that is gentle to the breast.


Our concealer itself blends with most skin tones leaving you look flawless in whatever you wear! Loved by designers and models all over the world!

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Silicone Nipple Concealers

Shibue Silicone Nipple Concealers, for a soft, silky, sleek look with or without your bra. These self-adhesive concealers are perfect for under tank tops, with backless dresses, or even under swimsuits. These concealers include a traveling storage case!

Our nipple concealers have an adhesive that is gentle to the breast but can be used over and over.  See care instructions to maintain your nipple concealers.

Shibue Silicone Nipple Concealers Care:

Rinse the silicone nipple concealers in warm water & mild soap and air dry and place on protective liner until you are ready to wear them again.

*Remember: For best use NO lotions, oils, powders and so on in the area of application! Clean dry skin only!
Includes a traveling storage case!

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